Jul 29 2002

I spent most of last week in San Diego at OSCON, but didn't join in the obsessive blogging by some of the other attendees. So no blow-by-blow account of Lawrence Lessig's William Shatner-like attack on hacker political apathy, no detailed description of the largely scrumptious buffets. Although I will say that my firm standard regarding raspberries in the fruit salad was met, provided you showed up early enough. I met some wonderful, witty people and learned some fascinating things, but mostly it was just very energizing to see so many smart people in one place, and to be able to thank some of them for the wonderful tools I've been using for the past eight years or so. Oh, and I'll also remember the show as the place where My Mind Was Changed Again On The Mac Vs. Windows Issue. I'm on a quest for an iBook now.