Memory lane

Oct 14 2007

I've been blogging since 1997.

But it's more accurate to say I haven't been blogging since '97. See, I used to blog before the tools existed, and back then I certainly didn't have the chops to develop my own. So I just changed the HTML directly and uploaded via FTP. The process is certainly easier now, but it's never been so difficult that it provided an excuse for the rare and minimal updates found here. It's hardly blogging. At all.

Oh, I've been full of excuses: We moved to Amsterdam. We had kids. I got a master's degree. These excuses are all lame, because keeping a journal is just something you do so you don't forget the key points of the dialogue inside your head. There are many great essays I've forgotten before committing them to writing, or at least they seem like they've been great essays at the time.

Anyway, I'm challenging myself to write at least once week. That's long enough to let things percolate, but a vast improvement over the limited number of posts in the past 10 years.

I've also moved my Blogger-based blog to this new system, and entered all my pre-Blogger posts by hand. Over time I'll fix some of the broken links, or at least the ones that seem like they need fixing. There's something to be said for leaving them as they are, almost as a fossil record of something that existed once.